Everything is possible - an 8000 mile bike ride through North America

The english version of my book were released on November 29th, 2017 world wide.


This is a litte bit about the book:
If you put your to something, you can usually do that. This book is about when I rode in North America, from Alaska to Florida half a year. 120 photos illustrate our trip in six months, where we had a lot of experiences, saw many landscapes and met a lot of people.

We slept in tents in rattlesnake fields, ended up at a party at Midsummer in a place along the road, cycled on roads that cars barely could go on, saw big cities like San Francisco and Houston. A number of national parks were visited, such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Death Valley. We stayed in smaller cities such as Whitehorse, Santa Fe, Davis and Lubbock. In addition, we saw Universal Studios Theme Park, Disney World, NASA and Kennedy Space Center. A few days were spent in Las Vegas. We were on alligator safari and at Halloween in New Orleans. We reached the Key West destination by cycling the 106 mile long distance, bridge by bridge and on the small islands, with beautiful clear blue waters around us. The book also contains a chapter of inspiration tips on what to do if you want to take a free year. My friends and fellow cyclists, Karl Sitell and Torbjörn Ekman, have also written a few pages about how they experienced the trip. I hope you will enjoy the book and find it interesting. On the author's website www.olovgiertz.se, there is more and the cover is there, as well as the cover text.

The book is based on diary notes, sound recordings on journalist microphone players, letters home and photos Olov Giertz taken during the cycling.

This is the back page text on the book:
About the author
Olov Giertz has travelled a lot over the years, and has been to about 41 countries around the world. He enjoys meeting people, see new places and landscapes. This is the debut book published by Olov, earlier published in Swedish and now in English.
Olov is active in computer science. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. He made his master thesis in what today is IP telephony like Skype, before its break-through. He has worked with encryption. He also teaches with an individual company in the homework aid industry, as well as teaches companies how to use computer software programs.
In his spare time, he has started training for leisure pilot, and has an Advanced Open Water Divers license, and has completed half the training in paragliding. He has practiced aikido and sung in a choir. He has a great interest in films, music and art.

This book is for you who wants inspiration by discovering the world for a shorter or longer time, and get new impressions every day by traveling, either in nature or by meeting people. Or to those who want to know a little more about North America's continent (even if it is your home continent) or want inspiration to feel that everything you want to do is possible.
What I, Olov Giertz, and my friends, Karl Sitell, and Torbjörn Ekman did was really nothing remarkable. We saw new landscapes and talked to new people every day. Our physical performance was approximately equivalent to body work in eight hours a day. Most people can do this without any special training. We did have packing, but cycling is not particularly difficult. We got a lot of experiences, we lived in tents and saw much wildlife and national parks.
This book is based on diary notes and letters home from the 1991 trip, when we rode from Anchorage, Alaska, to Key West, Florida, a total of 8000 miles, one third of the Earth's perimeter at the equator. The illustrating photos are my own.
I hope you will enjoy your reading and think it's interesting! /Olov Giertz

Updated: December 15th, 2017.